''6 steps to a 6 figure food truck Guide''
...Learn The Steps On How To Actually Grow A Profitable Food Truck With This 7 Page Guide. Remember Why You Got In This Business...To Create Freedom For Yourself Not a Job That You Hate. 
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What You're Going To Learn Inside This Free 6 Step Guide...
I've been doing this for some time now and I understand that the biggest setbacks people have in their food truck business is getting more customers, increasing sales, managing the money the business produces, and ultimately turning a big enough profit to make it all worth it. 
  • You will learn exactly what is keeping you from getting more customers, increasing your bottom line and creating the business that you imagined before you started. .
  • Even if your business is doing well in these areas there's always room for improvement and more. .
  • You will learn my strategies on how to make 6 Figures in profit without doing a single event. 
Who am I? 
My name is Dashin Simmons. I'm The Founder of Susie's Chicken and Fries. I started this business with my mom and cousin. I later went on to win Top 20 Under 40 Business professionals as well as The Best of Sumter 2020 and 2021 in the Food Truck Category. 

I made 1/2 a million dollars my first year in business and helped the business grow from 1 Food Truck to 2 Food Trucks and 2 Restaurants in 1 year. (That we all ran separately). 

I developed my own counterintuitive system for growing my business and is the reason for our astronomical growth. 

That business was essentially stolen from me right before selling my portion of the business with a $500,000 valuation based on my unit's profitability. So I started Taco Loco which is on the same path that I took Susie's Chicken and Fries down. 
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